Winding solutions

CEZOMA provides winding solutions for all kinds of industries. This includes:

Textile industry solutions
- Sewing thread
- Embroidery yarn  
- Carpet and upholstery fabric weaving
- Cordage braiding 

Technical and medical industry solutions

- Dental floss
- Medical yarns
- Automotive materials
- Technical braiding elastic and wire winding
- Label tape and belt weaving

Our experience in a wide variety of industries, yarn types and customer requirements and the experience and flexibility of our skilled personnel has made it possible for CEZOMA to offer a unique consulting concept. In many cases, entirely new winding solutions can be made available by implementing some seemingly simple additions to the existing systems.

In effect, our technology offers you greater yield, greater support and greater ease of use as well as an opportunity to cut down on staff cost and maintenance. Exactly how? Take a look at our unique 4-spindle-system on the winding systems-page (link), make a comparison and decide which winding system do you prefer?

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CEZOMA will develop a tailor made solution for your precise needs. Answers are provided almost immediately, after your situation has been analysed. Just send us your winding request, including yarn and spool specifications. Please fill in the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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