Hacoba - Cezoma
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Replacing your Hacoba winder

Hacoba and Cezoma are both company’s that are producing automatic winders since the 1930’s.

We receive a lot of questions about replacing the Hacoba machines since they are no longer available on the market.

Outdated Hacoba automatic winders may still be in use, but they are no longer on par with the latest technology and cannot compete with modern automatic winders. When it is time to replace these old machines you can do this with the latest and most advanced Cezoma automatic winders.

The machines that we can replace are the models with 4 winding spindles with automatic change-over (doffing). See below a few models from Hacoba with 4 winding spindles;

Known models that can be replaced by our knowledge;

  • Hacoba Multi Bobbin Winder Model DSE-RE
  • Hacoba Winders Model KSA
  • Hacoba Model BSA-FSA
  • Hacoba Bobbin Winders Model DSA-RE
  • Hacoba Model S.S.A.
  • Hacoba Model KFA-N

Check the different types of winders from Cezoma.

Cezoma automatic winders are equipped with the latest technologies, including advanced control systems and fast, precise sensors. This means that these winders work quickly and accurately and guarantee a high quality of the wound product. Additionally, they are easy to operate and maintain, saving time and resources.

Outdated Hacoba automatic winders are not only outdated but also less reliable than modern automatic winders. Old machines can break down, and downtime means loss of time and money. Additionally, they are often difficult to repair, leading to even more loss of time and money.

By replacing outdated Hacoba automatic winders with Cezoma automatic winders, you can ensure higher productivity, better quality, and less maintenance. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the latest technologies and innovations, including energy efficiency and sustainability.

Invest in the future by replacing outdated Hacoba automatic winders with modern and advanced Cezoma automatic winders. You will be amazed by the differences in performance and quality, and your business will quickly benefit from these improvements.